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September 2nd, 2014


Tuesday, September 2, 2013
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Yes, I check my horoscope. And let’s be honest…so do you. But when I check in on my Leo self, I visit astrologist Phil Booth’s site ~ George Stroumboulopoulos

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Tuesday, September 2, 2013

Fishing for Luck – Throw your Thunderbolt
The Moon continues its jolly journey through the area of the sky ruled by Jupiter (Zeus) – Sagittarius. In ancient times, mortals like us called on the power of Zeus to create the future of their dreams. The image is of Zeus throwing a thunderbolt and manifesting dreams in physical reality. Make your libations to Zeus today. The energy of this ancient god is still alive and active. Carl Jung, the psychologist, was acutely aware of this and warned us of ignoring the gods. In modern day parlance, we tend to refer to them as energies.

The Moon today reaches the First Quarter Phase (Half Moon) of the 29.5-day lunar month. This is like first base on the baseball diamond. Look back to the days before and after the New Moon of Aug 25 and see what came up in your life. These are the seeds that are flowering today and will bear fruit with next week’s Full Moon on Mon/Tues.

Mercury – your personal strategist – leaves Virgo and enters Libra today. This is good for the all the Air Signs of Gemini, Libra and Aquarius, plus all the Fire Signs of Aries, Leo and Sagittarius. If you’re not a member of the Fire/Air club, fear not. Depending on your personal Birth Chart, based on your Date, Time and Place of Birth – Mercury (Hermes) will bring inspiring ideas and plans that will guide you to success in some area of your life. He is always accessible and willing to help.

You possess freewill. This means that your destiny is a moving target. You needn’t accept what seems like the ‘inevitable.’ Nothing is inevitable. Trouble can be avoided. Good luck can be reeled in like a fish on a hook. The more you understand the darkness of your own unconscious, the greater is your power to create your own future.


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If today is your birthday
Trouble, in this Earthly dimension in which we find ourselves, is never far away. That’s one of the rules of the game. We just have to accept it and figure out how to win. Your experiences have honed your skills of problem-solving, so you’re set up nicely for success this year. In your case, a most auspicious celestial canopy awaits you. You will be blessed with perspicacious insights and the sagacity to make judicious choices. Tantalizing opportunities are queuing up to meet you.

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